The singularity of the Mediterranean Ecosystem from which EU is worldwide leader, reverts to the need of a differentiated approach in terms of forest management and related policies. This enhances the importance of having a strong forest owners organization which represents it, by explaining, defending and monitoring initiatives, projects and policies orientated towards its preservation, support and promotion.

The problems related with water, wood fires, geographic and soil conditions and the importance of grazing and social pressure, as well as restrictions connected to environmental policies, are factors that become a major threat for the competitiveness of the Mediterranean private forestry sector. They strengthen the importance of having a strong voice and an active presence at European level in order to defend the economical, social and environmental values of Mediterranean forests.

The ecosystem dispersion amongst countries of the Mediterranean area emphasizes the importance of having a tool which draws together forest owners associations, whether they are regional or nationwide, in order to facilitate the coordination of efforts through the trans-regional and trans-national cooperation.

ARCMED expresses the private forest owners associations will of having a legal body which represents and promotes the knowledge of the Mediterranean forest and its functions before the administrations and/or organizations which defend the forest in the EU.
ARMED has the vocation to act in close coordination and collaboration with nationwide and European private forest organizations (CEPF), within which it will express the Mediterranean Private Forest Owners' voice.